Dear Mom,

Motherhood is a struggle! I'm not by any means an experienced mom. I'm right here in the trenches with the rest of you, dodging yogurt grenades and Lego landmines. I love the meme that says "Motherhood is a walk in the park--Jurassic Park." Motherhood is much more than the daily tasks though. Besides keeping the children alive, we're bombarded with feelings of failure, guilt, grief, jealousy, and inadequacy. We compare our lives to those around us. We put ourselves in last place. And stay there. We wear our martyr and exhausted badges with pride. Mom. This isn't okay.

This is the first of many letters to you. I want to talk about the ugly, real life struggles we face on this battlefield. Most of them aren't pretty. Mom, let's learn how to combat this ugly so that we can be the best us possible for our children, spouse, and ourselves.

So pick out your favorite mug from my collection (I kind of have a mug problem.), pour yourself some tea or coffee, and let's do life better.

Live Life Beautifully,