Growing up in the frigid north of Maine, the blanket of white untouched snow is the joy of the long winter months. I would peer out my window in the quiet of the night and watch as huge, fluffy flakes drifted to the ground. Once outside, I would look to the night sky to only see white specks soaring towards my out stretched tongue like falling stars. These are the smile moments before I’d giggle and run through the yard, leaving my tracks behind me. These are the moments I want to share, but now in the south they are rare. At 1:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning was one such moment.

Dan and I gazed out our window to find the ground covered in its blanket of white. I waited to till Dan snuck outside until I grabbed a little coat and mittens. I threw on my hiking boots as fast as I could and located my snow jacket and gloves. With the little jacket in hand, I dashed down the hall to the room of my Sleeping Beauty. I pulled back her blankets and threw her jacket on her bed. "Come with me," I whispered with excitement as I searched for warm socks and helped her with her jacket.

"But where are we going," she said in a soft, perplexed voice.

"It's a surprise. Trust me," I replied as I carried her to the back door to find her boots.

"But... where?" she questioned.

Just then Dan attempted to come inside. I dropped her mittens, ran to the door, and shoved him back outside. "No! Not yet!" I didn't want her to see what was behind the door before it was time.

"I don't want to go..." she said nervously.

"It'll be fun!" I pressured.

"I want to go to bed."

"Mommy loves you, right?"

"Mmhmm," she agreed.

"So mommy wouldn't do anything to hurt you. It'll be fun. Let me just show you the surprise." I scooped her little self into my arms and walked out the back door. "Close your eyes." She shut her eyes as tight as she could. "No peaking, we're almost there..." I walked slowly into the middle of the drive way as the snow fell on our heads. "Okay. Open them!" A little smile crept across her cheeks.

"It's snowing." She whispered. I placed her in the snow as she took in the view. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes, "Okay, let's go back to bed."

"You don't want to run around!?" I gasped with disappointment. I fought for my memories, "just for a second…?"

"No. I’m tired," she answered as she walked back to the door.

"Just a picture for mommy's memories?" I begged.

"Carry me to bed?"

Dan piped up, "what'd you expect? You pulled her out of bed at 1:00 a.m."

"Memories! Lots of memories." I once again scooped her up, carried her into the warm, removed her outer wear, and slid her under the covers with a kiss goodnight. "You're my favorite little girl."

"And you're my favorite mommy." She whispered back.

Maybe 1:00 a.m. memories aren’t always appreciated. Maybe running through the untouched snow has to wait till morning. Nonetheless, I’m still going to drag you outside to gaze at every first snow, baby girl, because these are the moments I hope you remember.

Sometimes we're dragging into the dark of the night with no clue why. We're confused, concerned, and just want to go back to our safe, warm bed. If we don't trust the One who made the night, we could miss out on a beautiful gift.

Matt. 7:11
 If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, 
how much more will your Father 
who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!

Helping me make the snow man.

When you don't have a sled, your bottom works well.
Snow angels by my angel