8:00AM: Alarm goes off. I imagine for many that seems a bit late, but don’t be jealous just yet—I work until 12AM. Depending on the day, we’re either headed to Bible study or co-op or diving into the Sumerian culture in ancient Mesopotamia. Breakfast and coffee are somewhere in the mix of finding shoes, driving, and educating. The car seems to be my make shift kitchen table nowadays. On homeschool days we have reading, writing, Latin, math, science, geography, history, and Bible. Yes, she’s only in Kindergarten. Yes, I’m fully aware of my insanity.

     12:30PM: Lunch. Grilled cheese with baby tomatoes on the side have been the going daily special by popular demand for the past 3 years.  An egg sandwich on wholegrain bread for me. Fifteen-minute workout, shower, and find clothes. In that order.  

      1:45PM: Kisses and goodbyes.

      2:00PM – 12:00AM four days a week: Work. Assess patients’ mental health. Involuntary commits, drunks, suicide attempts, government agencies, who have cameras everywhere, following patients, and most importantly—make sure no one dies.

      I imagine your days look much different than mine. Maybe you’re a stay at home mom, maybe you work a 9-5, or maybe you work from home. No matter what, our days are hectic. Raising children and running a home is no joke. We have…
Karate, dance, and soccer.
Food prep, laundry, and dishes.
Dirty bums, snotty noses, and lots of tears.
Lest we not forget: Putting kids to bed 5 million times in one night.

      But, where are you, mom?  Amid the crazy, where is [insert your name]? I hope you didn’t lose her when you were 22 and unexpectedly pregnant with no idea what to do with a baby. Is she hiding under yoga pants, puffy vests, and 2 pots of coffee? Did you lose her somewhere between laundry, dinner, and football practice? Girl, you gotta find her and now before it’s too late, before she’s swallowed whole by motherhood. We will always be mommy. It will always be our favorite name and our biggest calling, but we can’t forget our first name that our mommies gave us. For the sake of our livelihood and as an example to the future mommies and daddies we’re raising, we need to know who we are.  

       It’s not easy though. Just like getting to know your spouse and best friend, it takes time and effort. We must fight for and protect the sacred “me time.” So. Put on an episode of the new Magic School Bus and read a book instead of folding laundry. Wake up 30 minutes early or stay up 30 minutes late to enjoy the quiet. Go the gym or for a run. Who cares if they don’t want to ride in the stroller or play at child care—this is for you not them. Spend time in the garden (alone!). Teach yourself how to crochet. Binge Gilmore Girls for the fourth time. Sign up for dance, piano, or karate. Who says only kids can have extracurricular activities? Or, write that book that’s been on your heart. Whatever is you, do it. Our children need to know although they are our greatest prized procession, the world does not revolve around them, and mommy is a person too. Show them who mommy is.

       Hi, my name is Dani. I’m a full-time therapist and homeschool mom. I’m kind of crunchy, except I love donuts. My hobbies are gardening and writing. I’m also pretty geeky.

Now, who are you?


  1. I'm a work from home homeschool mom! I'm also a grad student (again) and hopefully I'll be a librarian next year. I love this post! Can't wait to read more!